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Orbit Production Studio is proud to have been chosen by Bitwig Studio to create Presets and Demo material for the new  Update 2.3 available now!

The Presets include:

  • 60 patches for the new Phase-4  “Phase Manipulation” synth
  • 20 Polysynth subtractive Synth Patches
  • Multisample Sampler Patches

Ifyou didn´t Bitwig Studio is THE new kid on the block in the  “Live oriented” DAW market  so far dominated by Ableton Live.
Also based in Berlin, they make the Buzz since the early beta phase. Make sure to check it!

Of course, we are big fans here at Orbit. In fact, our founder Mathieu is a true Bitwig fanatic of the first hour and a Bitwig Certified Professional. Check his tutorial Channel:

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